From breakout author Nicholas Cappas

From breakout author Nicholas Cappas

Heaven Breaks In

Angel Littleton is on his first assignment: Davis Lewis Chandler, a first-year college student who’s slowly drifting away from the Lord. Except Davis, like most, is unaware of the war being waged for his soul. With the help of Archangel Michael himself, Littleton must unmask and overcome the spiritual enemies endangering Davis’s faith. Can the angels break through the darkness in time? And, can God restore what’s already been lost?

  • A modern spin on C.S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters,

    Gold Medal Winner

    Literary Classics

Heaven Breaks In
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A Note from Nicholas

So glad you’re here! If you are someone who knows Jesus, if you need some encouragement, or if you struggle with your very own existence, I wrote this book for you!


  • Cappas hit a home run! Reads like a modern Screwtape Letters.

    Brent Slade FCA Baseball Director
  • An awesome piece of literature that depicts what it is like to engage in spiritual warfare in college. I could really relate to the main character Davis in his struggles, and I could learn from his examples!

    Sam Zoldack Samford University student
  • "Definitely recommend this for any senior high kid about to head to college."

    Daniel O'Quinn (Big D) Atlanta KLIFE Director
  • A dynamic, fast paced story with spiritual encouragement in its fabric. Great read. Cappas blew it out of the water.

    Chris Middleton Biola University student, former student body president of Wesley Academy
  • Inspired by the literary genius of CS Lewis, Cappas skillfully takes The Screwtape Letters and turns it on its head. Captivating to the heart & mind, Heaven Breaks In masterfully affirms God's wisdom and presence victorious over life's challenges.

    Jana Harmon Teaching Fellow, CS Lewis Institute of Atlanta
  • Cappas weaves the truth of Scripture beautifully into the life and story of his protagonist Davis. A powerful aid to help us see our world through a biblical lense.

    Caroline White RUF Campus Ministry
  • Intriguing story, fascinating characters. This book’s bound for Hollywood.

    Chris Milhous Former CEO of Ogilvy & Mather Atlanta
  • Cappas awakens our imagination to the reality of spiritual warfare. Heaven Breaks In reminds us that our battle is not against flesh and blood, and he who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world.

    Robby Higginbottom College Minister, Park Cities Presbyterian Church, PCA
  • A stirring reminder of the warfare we face. Cappas has the piercing insight of a first-rate scriptwriter. Christian storytelling just reached new heights!

    Anna Julise Cook Professional Actor
  • Heaven Breaks In pulls the curtain back on the reality of life as a college freshman. As the story unfolds you will be drawn in, find the book hard to put down, and discover spiritual insights that might just change the way you view and live life.

    Jason Ellerbee Young Couples Pastor, Briarwood Presbyterian Church, PCA
  • A masterfully orchestrated depiction of the struggle, salvation, and redemption of the Christian in the modern world; Heaven Breaks In is both a challenge and an encouragement to anyone who has ever wrestled with the purpose of his own existence.

    Wilson Waggoner University of Virginia Alum, former president of Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Nicholas Cappas

Hello there!

Here’s my story …

I first felt the call to write while studying Divinity at Baylor University. I’d take classes at the seminary & also in literature and theater. Two different worlds, but I always wanted them closer together.

After Baylor I went to Wake Forest to study an MA in English. Interesting, that I had the same two world’s experience … why weren’t there more Christian voices among the artists of culture?

God kept opening doors. I lived in England for 3 years earning a Master of Letters at the University of Birmingham. Our university owned the Shakespeare Institute and it was an easy train ride south to London’s theater district. Here’s a picture of me drinking lemonade on a sunny day, no gray clouds overhead.

The Holy Spirit continues to guide my steps. I live in Atlanta, GA and write for a living while serving in student ministry and bible studies for professionals.

It’s my deepest desire to create art that will glorify God; art that can take the lead in our culture, not just match what’s out there; art that can reflect how far, wide and deep is the love of God in Christ Jesus!


Nicholas Cappas at an estate in England.


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Heaven Breaks In
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